Episode Thirteen: Costume Theater

Another exciting week of costume theater! We pick our dream cast of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries in gender-swapped roles!

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Yolanda’s Picks:

which-secondary-parks-and-rec-character-should-yo-2-1810-1450556204-3_dblbig Ben Schwartz as Lizzie Bennet

300-groff-cm-122309 Jonathan Groff as Jane Bennet

darren-criss-profile Darren Criss as Lydia Bennet

aab_gal_003_h.JPG Aziz Ansari as Charlotte Lu

hayley_atwell_5659 Hayley Atwell as William Darcy

jane-the-virgin Gina Rodriguez as Bing Lee

300-westwick-ed-082508 Ed Westwick as Caroline Lee

Jillian’s Picks:

14f2d866ee6247a7463476a77cd0473d_original Joey Richter as Lizzie Bennet

silicon-valley-s3e8 Zach Woods as Jane Bennet

tumblr_mhz1f69pog1ron04jo4_250 David Tennant as Lydia Bennet

empireonline Carl Fredricksen as Charlotte Lu

amelie Audrey Tautou as William Darcy

66a66902dd32fc13fbac2c0260dcf420 Reese Witherspoon as Bing Lee

767347_1309981974079_full Tom Felton as Caroline Lee


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