Sanditon Season 3 Trailer: Charlotte Heywood is getting married! Or is she?

The final season of Sanditon is nearly here! Premiering on Sunday, March 19th on PBS, Sanditon Season 3 returns with all the characters we love and a few new faces. Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger when we found out that Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) is engaged to a young man from her town. After…

Sanditon Season 2: New characters, new scandals, same small town

We’re back with new episodes to discuss Sanditon Season 2! We last met Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) as she was leaving Sanditon heartbroken after Sidney Parker (Theo James) married another woman to save the town with her fortune. Now we open Season 2 with the very dramatic reveal that Sidney Parker is dead. *Gasp!* Mrs.…


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