Halfway through Sanditon Season 2 and a short preview of Sanditon Season 3

We’re halfway through discussing Sanditon Season 2 already! It feels like it’s going by so quickly since this is shorter than Season 1. They have really *packed* these episodes with so many characters and so much to cover.

We’ve would’ve hoped that Tom Parker learned from his gambling mistakes of the past, alas… here we are. Charlotte has made it known that she has no intention of getting married and yet there’s two potential suitors in her midst. 

In case you’ve missed it, you can catch up on our episodes here.

While there’s no official date yet for the Season 3 premiere, we do know it’ll be back in early 2023. Masterpiece PBS posted a short preview of all their shows coming soon, including Sanditon! Watch the teaser below:

Join us as we discuss in each episode in Season 2. New episodes released on Tuesdays. Available wherever you listen to podcasts!

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